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Carolyn Briggs Bryant, M.S.Ed.

Jun 3, 02:25 PM , ,

As a rehabilitation counselor at the Oregon Commission for the Blind, I wish to recommend Ms. Dulce Muccio Weisenborn whom I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with for six years. Drawing from over thirty years of personal and professional experience, Dulce continues to remain a valued contractor to our agency, providing individual coaching to our diverse blind adult population. Dulce also acts as a peer mentor both to groups and couples, having facilitated several highly successful adjustment to blindness seminars. Her success in these seminars was acclaimed by both staff and clients alike.

Highly versatile, Dulce has been able to work with a diverse range of clients in varying stages of adjustment. She prepares and supports them as they transition from home to a Center-based rehabilitation model, from unemployment to work, from school to work, and through post-employment assistance if needed. Dulce meticulously helps clients become organized, tests their adaptive skills, and introduces them to the technology that is best suited to their needs and skills.

Our agency has also enjoyed Dulce’s facilitation and leadership at workshops directed to vocational rehabilitation counselors, their support staff, and management. Her team-building skills are strong, and her presentations were insightful, informative, and concise. Additionally, I attended a seminar Dulce presented at Portland State University to a variety of rehabilitation professionals from the region where she displayed these same skills.

As her peer, I have found Ms Weisenborn’s performance to exceed my expectations. I have contracted with Dulce’s company Life Designs for individual coaching for my clients and found that she has an incredible ability to provide very direct, caring, and targeted coaching. She is especially adept at providing counselors with support they can use as they are striving to help clients who have not yet found their direction or realistic goal. Under Dulce’s watchful eye, I’ve seen my medically fragile, emotionally dependent clients enter our rehabilitation center, complete their degrees, obtain unsubsidized employment, become consultants, and travel independently to summer volunteer jobs. None of these clients could have visualized these possibilities without Dulce’s intervention. In addition, they reported that they enjoyed working with her, and their rehabilitation progress remained strong long after their sessions ended.

Now an itinerant field instructor, I continue to recommend Dulce to our vocational rehabilitation counselors. She is dependable, bright, conscientious, honest, courteous, and generous. Her personal integrity and honesty are par excellence. Add to this the fact that Dulce provides clear and prompt verbal and written reports, and it’s evident she is a great asset to our organization. If I were still in a position to or have the opportunity to contract directly with Ms Weisenborn, I would do so wholeheartedly as she remains a contractor in good standing with this agency.


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