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Juan Oyola, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jul 21, 07:41 PM , ,

Having been a recent client of Dulce Muccio Weisenborn’s, I found her to be a caring yet professional individual. When I needed correction in some employment and personal areas, she helped me see the mistakes I was making and showed me more appropriate ways of dealing with them. She always did this in a way that made me feel comfortable with her suggestions.

Throughout our sessions, there was a sense of professionalism and respect that I will never forget. In addition, she always found time to show the she cared. Dulce took the time to help me see that not all jobs (or life situations) were the right fit for me, and that it was alright to be choosy. She taught me to take the time to care about my needs so that they could be met and not to rush through my job search. This was especially true in my case since I have a disability. Thanks to Dulce, I now realize the importance of this.

I can never express how grateful I am for her help. I shall miss her greatly. If anyone should be lucky enough to receive counseling from her, I am sure that the experience will be worth it, especially if the individual is willing to do his or her part in this incredible journey of self discovery and self worth. I felt as though she took me from being a diamond in the rough and helped me transform myself into a jewel that any person or employer would be proud to meet.



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