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Michelle Levy, Division of Blind Services Rehabilitation Supervisor

Jul 21, 08:58 PM , ,

I wish to wholeheartedly recommend and call to your attention the services of Dulce Muccio Weisenborn of Life Designs, one of our most valued vendors in excellent standing with the agency. With over thirty years of professional experience, we have contracted with Dulce’s company for many years for individual coaching for our clients. We have found that she has an incredible ability to provide very direct, caring, and targeted coaching. She is especially adept at providing counselors with support they can use as they are striving to help their clients who have not yet found their direction or realistic goal. Under Dulce’s watchful eye, I’ve seen emotionally dependent clients find the courage and skill to make the often overwhelming life transition from home to school and from school to work. None of these clients could have visualized these transitions without Dulce’s intervention. In addition, they reported that they enjoyed working with her, and their rehabilitation progress remained strong long after their sessions ended.

Highly intuitive, Dulce is dependable, bright, conscientious, honest, courteous, and generous. Her personal integrity is above reproach. Add to this the fact that she provides clear and prompt verbal and written reports, and it’s evident she is a great asset to our organization. In addition, her years of classroom experience as a college professor with a disability bring an additional perspective to her work with transition students. I’m sure you will enjoy working with her.

A simple phone call or e-mail message is all it takes to get your clients started with Life Designs. Her telephone-based sessions with clients remove all the barriers of time and distance and make clients fully responsible for following through on their own. Please feel free to contact me or Dulce if you have any questions.



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